Who We Are

On Your Way Crisis Network is a non-profit platform backed by a network of nationwide organizations and companies dedicated to assistance in providing the proper resources for domestic abuse victims and their children including but not limited to shelter, medical evaluation and treatment, legal assistance, divorce/custody assistance, mental health care, therapy, mindfulness education, childcare, job assistance, career courses, fine art classes, social groups, and peer mentor-ship.

Hannah Jane, the Founder and Director of On Your Way Crisis Network, is a survivor of mental and physical domestic abuse & sexual violence. She has spent the last 8 years studying the judicial system, the state to state laws and loop holes as well as the mental health issues that domestic abuse and family court systems can leave the victims with. Hannah Jane is a certified Crisis Intervention Counselor, carries a Domestic & Sexual Violence certification and has years of experience in mindfulness, health and wellness, and human resources. Hannah Jane is a published author with work focusing on mental health, stamina, and mindfulness.

Our goal is to not only utilize this platform of resources for domestic abuse survivors to assist in connecting professionals who offer the services and support to those who need it, but to eventually set up crisis centers across the nation to provide room and shelter, necessities, legal help, and on going counseling and development opportunities for the women who have been brave enough to take their power back and re-build their lives with the help and devotion of our supportive, non-exclusive community.